Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Events in Los Angeles

Happy Halloween from Inn at Playa del Rey!

Los Angeles Haunted Hay Ride
As an east coast tradition, Haunted Hayrides have long been one of the best scares a scare seeker can find. Well, EAST COAST TRADITION NO MORE…As tractor drawn hay-filled wagons make their way through the forest, scenes of pure horror await. Fifteen foot tall mascots of death, a nice cute group of 200 year old children, and your friendly neighborhood clown....all here, waiting for you. You are in the deep, dark, haunted woods of the OLD ZOO, in the dead of night. DON’T OPEN YOUR EYES. Welcome to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.

Halloween Horror Nights Prepare for a new level of terror at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights where horror legends come to life.
Experience 5 new mazes based on the most popular horror themes and movies of all time.
Dare to survive the Terror Tram that’s been hijacked by serial killer Charles Lee Ray trapped inside the body of the pint-sized Chucky doll.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LA Active Adventure Tours Blog

What a fun adventure! LA Active Adventure Tours offers a really unique look at LA and the surrounding areas. The tour we chose to do was focused in the Malibu area. Our tour began with a beautiful drive up the Malibu coast and then inland through a windy canyon road. We parked at the top of a canyon road with a beautiful view of the ocean and surrounding area. From here we were taken to a hidden hike that features actual fossils of shells in many of the surrounding rocks. The hike was not strenuous and many parts were even shaded by trees so you felt as if you were hiking in a tunnel of nature.

Our next stop was at the Paramount Studio lot that filmed many western movies and TV shows (M*A*S*H* & Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman). Part of the set they have built really transports you into an old western town with a saloon, old hotel, bank (right across from the Sheriff's office), and even train depot. For those who don't like crowds but want to see some authentic Hollywood set, this is a great substitute for the typical tours at a studio. You can really wander around. We had the whole town to ourselves.

Off to the vineyards! I have never been to a vineyard in Los Angeles area and it was beautiful. Still in the canyon area of Malibu, we parked under some impressive California Oak trees and walked into a garden with antique cars scattered lounge chairs and tables. This would be a really unique spot to go for a romantic night out. The vineyard had a great selection of wines and an outdoor tasting area with music playing in the background.

After purchasing a couple of bottles of the vineyard's Pinot Noir, we headed to our final destination, the tide pools. The timing of this had to be done carefully because you really can only see the wildlife at low tide. We parked on the bluffs in Malibu and hiked down to the beach which had an amazing variety of boulders and stones that dotted the landscape. We saw sea anemones, sandpipers, and dolphins.

Overall it was a great adventure! I have lived in LA for almost 10 years and this tour really opened my eyes to how you can turn ordinary day into a real staycation. I highly recommend this tour for locals and those visiting from out of town. The offer all kinds of different adventures throughout LA.
-- Suzanne